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Dear Premed Student,

Medtrack gives you access to my 18 years of insights into getting accepted to medical and pharmacy school.

Everything on Medtrack is Free. You can unsubscribe at any time and your info is NEVER shared with anyone.

I hope to be able to email you some additional suggestions and help in the near future. You are also welcome to contact me with questions.

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Best wishes in your career,

Jay Cutts, Director, Cutts Graduate Reviews, (505) 281-0684

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Medtrack includes:

  • An in-depth booklet, How to Get Accepted to Med School - A Take-Charge Approach, on the Personal Statement and admissions process, as well as suggestions about how to stand out from the crowd.

  • Email Reminders that step you through each month of your four undergrad years with what to do, when and how.

  • Call or write me for free personal help with any questions about your plans.

  • The online National Premed Community SuperForum, where you can communicate with other premed students around the world, ask questions, share info and get inside tips and support.
  • Reminders about deadlines for your MCAT and PCAT preparation and application.
  • MCAT and PCAT hints
  • And a number of other helpful services.

  • MCAT and PCAT SuperStrategy Coaching (fee based)

    Cutts Graduate Reviews does not offer a full, formal science review for the MCAT or PCAT. Instead we provide an individual coaching program that teaches you the advanced testing and timing strategies not taught in commercial prep programs.

    Testing and timing strategy often gains students 2 or more points on the 15 point scale and yet the instructors in commercial prep programs have neither the experience to understand these areas nor the time to give you the individual attention that strategy requires.

    The SuperStrategy program complements whatever method you use to review science. We can also connect you with experienced science tutors, if you need that.

    MedTrack will tell you more about the SuperStrategy program. Feel free to call any time to go over your MCAT or PCAT plans and concerns.

    To read more about the SuperStrategy program, go here.




Thank you!

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